Thursday, April 04, 2002

Is a Pope the Best Hope?-Jonah's en fuego with an essay on Islamic theology, making the point that the people calling for an Islamic Reformation may be off-base. He states that what Islam needs isn't a Luther but a Pope (Melissa rubbing off on you, dude?), pointing out that the competing brands of Islam fight for market share on their level of devoutness. He also goes on to point out the zealotry of the early Protestants, unflatteringly comparing it to the modern Wahhabis. One problem with the pope theory; what kind of theology will flow from the new Caliphate? If what resulted was the mild-mannered Islam of the Ottoman Caliphate, it could crack down upon and usually marginalize unorthodox brands of Islam, just as the Catholic church has warred against Liberation Theology, the New-Age teachings of Teilhard de Chardin as well as quashing more conventional liberal heterodox theology. However, what if we get a Wahhabi pope? That would be worse than the current situation, a world-wide jihad center.

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