Monday, April 08, 2002

Handy Andy?-Instapundit pointed out this Newsday article that had Andrew Cuomo asking for the Nobel Peace Prize committee to take back Arafat's prize. Given his liberalness, it seemed a bit surprising. However, other parts of my political database just got pinged. This Edward Blum NRO piece on Al Sharpton has this interesting paragraph-
[Sharpton] must be giving the consultants working to get Andrew Cuomo elected the next governor of New York nightmares as well. Cuomo, the son of former governor Mario Cuomo, will face state comptroller Carl McCall in the Democrat primary this September. McCall, who is black, is backed by the state's black political glitterati, including Sharpton. Cuomo now knows he must win the nomination without any significant black support — a huge challenge in a state in which 25-30 percent of Democrat primary voters are black.
Either Andy's got some common sense, or he's pandering for the Jewish vote or a little of both. Methinks the third option.

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