Monday, April 01, 2002

Habeas Corpus?-The Hokie Pundit looked like he was going Unitarian on us earlier this weekend, but while most civilized people were sleeping (in the Eastern Time Zone at least) in the wee hours of this morning, he redeemed himself with a sold post on the resurrection. There's a good question to ask about the resurrection that helps vouch for the orthodox story- If he wasn't resurrected, who had the body? If the Jews had the body, they could point out that Way was bogus by showing the body. If the Romans had the body, they could turn the early church Corpus Crispy rather then put up with this pesky cult. If the disciples had the body, they were sacrificing and dying for a lie; legend has all but one of the original 12 disciples dying a martyr's death. The actions of all three camps are illogical if they had custody of the body, thus the most likely case then is that there is no body to be found. He has risen!

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