Monday, April 08, 2002

Giving up Common Sense as Penance for Boston?-How much of a PR hit will the Catholic Church take on their Church of the Nativity take. This BBC report has the head Franciscan monk in the region calling the IDF move an "indescribable act of barbarity." The media seems to be doing a good job of describing it, Mr. Monk. Were you as vocal when the Palestinians were bombing Jews by the dozen? The church is also trying to arrange for the occupants to be transported to Gaza. The Israeli's are going to say "no dice. Too many high-level gunnies to let them go." The over-emphasis on diplomacy is one of the Vatican's weak spots in public policy. I'm not sure if they'll be seen as trying to shelter some very bad guys and get tarnished in the process. The left wants nothing to do with the Vatican unless it suits their political agenda. The same beauzeaus that will bash the church on sexual issues will be saying "Listen to the Pope, guys" on this one. Thus, any brownie points their diplomacy gets from the EUnuchs will be wasted, while the gutlessness they are showing will be remembered by Americans and others on the right, who will see the Holy See as wimpy on terrorism.

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