Friday, April 12, 2002

Florida Update-I'm blogging from a Warner Southern computer lab. I got a campus tour from Dr. Wiseman this morning, seeing most of my new office mates and got to go to lunch at a down-to-earth but not sleazy Mexican restaurant. I didn't wear a tie this morning, going in with a nice pair of slacks and a white dress shirt. When I saw Dr. Wiseman in a tie, I got worried that I was underdressed. Not to worry, they're very casual here, he was in a tie because he needs to dress up a bit as the dean. It wouldn't be true to say the people are uniformly nice-some people are nice, others are really nice. I have in my bag a contract to hire me as an Assistant Professor of Business. I'll talk to Eileen about it this evening and sign it shortly. I'll be teaching a accelerated summer session in Advanced Finance starting July 30, then have a slate of two MBA classes (Modern Corporate Finance and Managerial Economics) and two undergrad classes (Macroeconomics and Personal Finance) this fall. It is a trip to be referred to as "Dr. Byron," as I've not been in a position since getting my Ph.D. to have that honorific used. The flight down was late but uneventful, as the air traffic control had our Atlanta-bound plane sitting in Flint an hour after it was scheduled to leave. Got to rent a car for the first time, and then drive, dog-tired (got in at 11:00), an hour down to Lake Wales. US 27 is a four lane divided highway (but not a limited-access expressway) , which has a 65 MPH speed limit-I'm used to 55 for such roads in Michigan. At night, you couldn't see much, but got to drive past the Florida's Natural orange juice plant on the east side of US 27 in Lake Wales. The orange smell coming out of the plant beat the heck out of the fumes from Dow Chemical in my hometown of Midland. WSC put me up in a nice mobile home a quarter-mile north of campus-the campus security guy escorted me up there when I got their a bit before 1AM this morning. This morning, I had a 9AM meeting scheduled with Dr. Wiseman. I got up about 7:15 and drove into town to grab some groceries for the weekend, and found myself in a Kash and Karry (I'm not sure-that sounds too cute) putting a Michigan address on one of those Preferred Shopper cards that are the rage in grocery-storedom these days. Seeing palm trees and orange groves gives you the "Todo, I don't think we're in Michigan anymore" feeling. Came back, had some Cinnamon Crispix that was on special (good stuff-a redo) and then went to campus. I think I'm going to like this place.

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