Sunday, April 07, 2002

Does Yasser Have a Messiah Complex?-Kesher Talk has this gem
The official Palestine News Agency says, "The Palestinians have informed the entire world especially the USA and its Administration, that President Arafat IS the Palestinian Address which through Him and only through Him the Palestinians might be approached, and no one has the permission to trespass this Palestinian consensus, because this is a Palestinian decision which all Palestinian individuals, groups, factions, inside Palestine and out have approved and ready to fight for." Does anyone else feel a tad disturbed that they refer to Arafat as "Him" ?
I checked the source Howard cites, they do have Him with an uppercase H. Either they (1) are clueless and don't know that uppercasing it implies deity status or (2) have their tongue so deep in their cheek they're gagging or (3) see him as their Savior. Irony doesn't seem to be a Palestinian strong suit and a this bunch has too much Islam in them to be thinking of him in divine terms, so I think the Clue Police will need to pay a visit once the IDF gets done with them.

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