Sunday, April 07, 2002

The Deer Hunters-Back a few weeks ago, Michael Moore's NRA membership got a few people, including Damian Penny, scratching their heads-how could this left-wing gadfly be a gun fan. Easy- guns and hunting are part of blue-collar culture in Michigan. One of the biggest travel days of the year is November 14, as guys (and a few gals as well) head up I-75 from the Detroit, Flint and other pasts of the urban south of the state to the sparsely populated northern part of the state for the start of firearm deer hunting season on the 15th. The hunting trip will often turn into a long stag party (and we're not talking about buck deer) of drinking too much and other politically-incorrect forms of male bonding. This might be another reason that liberals don't like hunting; its blue-collar masculinity doesn't sit well with the wine-and-cheese crowd. My grandpa Kraenzlein would go up on a hunting trip and not bother to bring a gun, he got to see the north woods and hang out with his buddies. An disturbing news item last week was that Chronic Wasting Disease, a deer version of Mad Cow Disease, has made its way to Wisconsin in limited form. It had been limited to the Rocky Mountain and Prairie west until now. If that spreads through the herd, a lot of tourist towns up north that get an extra revenue boost from hunting season will be badly hurt and a part of Michigan and Wisconsin culture will be endangered.

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