Friday, April 12, 2002

Cultures of Death Update-A reader shouted out via email to add that "what the two cultures of death have in common is what they lack--a passionate commitment to the dignity of every single human life." Well said, sir. Eve Tushnet chimes in-"Maybe the better distinction is death-as-argument vs. death-as-compassion? I'm not sure. But there's more going on in this country than simple individualism." That's a good take, as all the death issues are designed to relieve pain. There is more than just individualism going down. I'm reminded of the last line in Judges-"In those days Israel had no king; eveyone did as he saw fit." That's modern America in a nutshell. That individualism is coupled with the lack of respect for individual life that my e-mailer points out. What I gave yesterday was only an initial diagnosis; Eve's helped flesh out the problem with the patient.

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