Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Correction, BlogCentral.org- After reading today’s Lileks piece (isn’t the picture of Gnat precious?) on his dream blogger-staffed newspaper, it brought into focus a vision of the first stop for bloggers. I called it BlogCentral.com this morning, but upon further review, I’m going with BlogCentral.Org. This isn’t designed to be a money-maker, but could pay a few staffers if banner ad revenues are sufficient. For starters, we get 6-12 editors, good like-minded bloggers, together and get some server space to stash BlogCentral on. Our blogs, if we don’t have a separate server of our own, could be on (for example) BlogCentral.org\blogs\Mark_Byron. The main page would be the happenest place in Blogistan. A left column would have a box for each editor’s blog, complete with a blurb on his best piece of the day. The right side would have a Best of Blogs in different categories; politics, foreign affairs, humor, culture, etc., as well as a New Blog of the Day. The center column would be would have general feature columns on a hot topic. If I were writing today’s, I’d likely look at the April Fool’s jokes over at Instapundit and Bjorn Staerk and the Boston Globe piece.I’d also have a recurring (weekly for starters) on technical tips for blogging, such as how to do Rantburg-style highlights, pros-and-cons of various hit counters and comment services, Movable Type hints for those of us ready to bid Blogger sayonara, etc. The editors would research and supply links for inclusion in the Best of Blogs sections as well as write for the center column on a rotating basis. I don’t know how the logistics would work for a multi-person operation and how you would keep two people from trying to edit the same section at the same time, but someone out there does. If we get the traffic that such a service would generate, some discrete banner ads would pay for the server and possibly down the line pay salaries to staffers. It might make money, but I’m not looking for it to make money, thus the .org. It would sound strange setting up the BlogCentral Foundation, devoted to disseminating the collective knowledge of the Blogosphere to readers around the globe, but that’s what going through my tired and warped mind this evening. Ladies and Germs of the Blogosphere, do I have any partners in this wacky dream?

why don't you look my way and pump me a few. no for sure do like the pig on the trojan condom commercials. very controversial. The prototype was Chester. look for http://thechesterandcarlshow.blogspot.com
This whole thing has been trial and error from the git go.
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