Friday, April 12, 2002

Cleveland on a roll-As I predicted last Friday, Cleveland is doing better than the pundits expected, going 9-1 while the hyped Twinkies are .500 after last night's loss. Matt Lawton's stepped into Gonzales' shoes very well, with a .400 OBA and 3 HR and 10 RBI batting leadoff. Thome's slumping a bit but the Walking Machine keeps up the good OBA despite being at the Mendoza line. Ellis Burks has been putting up gaudy stats the first 10 games and the rest of the troops are chiming in well. The rotation of young guns Colon, Sabathia and Baez are rolling and if Chuck Finley can get over being beat up by his wife (he pitched six innings of shutout ball in his first start), they'll have the best four-man rotation the American League has seen since the Orioles of the early 70s. Fun times on the North Coast.

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