Friday, April 19, 2002

Caribou Safe for Now- A proposal to open up ANWR for drilling went down 46-54(Is it just me, or has the WaPo started to go overboard with the pop-under ads?).Eight Republicans voted against it, with five Democrats voting for it. No Republicans-Chaffee, Collins, DeWine(?), Fitzgerald, McCain, Snowe, Bob Smith(?), Gordon Smith Yes Democrats-Akaka, Breaux, Inouye, Landrieu, Miller. This was an interesting coalition. The two Democrats from Hawaii voted yes-more oil from Alaska would mean cheaper oil coming straight down the Pacific. The two Louisiana Dems are in the pocket of the oil companies as a general rule. That leaves Miller, the true renegade Democrat. How long until he's called a DINO (Yi-Yi-yi-yi-yi-WILMA!)? Actually, Margaret Carlson and a few others beat me to it, but "Zell Miller" DINO is a single-page Google. Most of the no Republican votes are from the RINOs. Gordon Smith was a slight surprise, but he's likely covering his backside in an election year in eco-friendly Oregon. Mike DeWine has some centrist tendencies, but it seems a bit out-of-character. Bob Smith, generally a hard-core conservative, seems weird, but he seems to have been anti-ANWR drilling from well back, not an election-year convert. [Thanks to Mr. Carver for catching typos on Inouye and Landrieu]

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