Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Blogonomics?-James D. Miller has an interesting piece of the economics of blogging in Tech Central earlier today, as did Papa Blog. However, I'm not quite on board with some of Miller's analysis. I don't think greater multi-media on commercial sites will doom the blog. The personal analysis of a blog doesn't improve too much with multi-media; the people who want to read a good think piece will seek it out even if there is better eye-candy elsewhere. There will eventually be more gatekeepers pointing people to good writers; some of the writers might graduate to commercial sites. For instance, I can picture Fox expanding its blog series into a blog page, and other commercial news outlets could have their own blog sections. The blogs could wind up serving as a AA farm club for the major media. One thing that struck me is that Instapundit doesn't stray too far out of his libertarian quadrant to provide links. A conservative gatekeeper might be helpful.

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