Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Blogcentral.com?-Lileks has an interesting piece on a mythical newspaper to replace our current low-level dreck.
If I ever start a paper, Clueless writes the foreign affairs column, Layne handles the city beat, Welch has the roving-reporter job, Tom Tomorrow runs the comic section (which carries Treacher, of course). MediaMinded runs the slots - that's the type of editor I want as the last line of defense. InstantMan runs the edit page - and you can forget about your Ivins and Wills and Friedmans and Teepens on the edit page - it’s all Blair, VodkaP, C. Johnson, Aspara, Farber, Galt, and a dozen other worthies, with Justin “I am smoking in such a provocative fashion” Raimondo tossed in for balance and comic relief. Who wouldn’t buy that paper? Who wouldn’t want to read it? Who wouldn’t climb over their mother to be in it?
I'm not sure a dead-tree version would be the best outlet for that talent, but such a uberblog web site would make sense. I've got my own ideas about a BlogCentral.com that would be manned by a number of good bloggers, bringing a combination of news summaries, Blogwatches and origional content to make a fun, informative website. More on that this evening.

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