Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Blair Necessities? The British government's announced a 1% increase in payroll taxes to better fund the National Health System. This will be something that could become the undoing of the Blair's rule. NuLab had better put that extra tax money to good use, improving services instead of making the current services better paying for the providers, or the Tories will have a field day. This will hit everyone making more than $6650 a year, thus giving the lie to the idea that Labour won't raise taxes on the little guy. I'm sure the poll questions, "Would you pay a bit more in taxes if it improved health care?" came out positive, but if the money is mismanaged (good possibility), Blair could be in trouble in 2006. Pity that we'll have to wait until then, as they have a five-year (or less if the government wants to, or is forced to, call an election early) term of office and they held elections in 2001. You've got four years to sharpen your knives, Tories.

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