Sunday, April 14, 2002

Bedtime Musings- ¡Viva Emergency Exit Seats!-Flew back from Florida today, and bless the ticketing guy who put me in the Emergency Exit row. I'm 6'5", and that extra leg-room comes in real handy. I'll remember to ask for it my next trip. Got back to Midland by 3:45 and spent the rest of the day going with Eileen to our Friends Group (Bible study, singing, praying and goodies afterwards) then had a long discussion with Eileen about our future in Florida. I got some leads on some college and high school teaching jobs for her for the fall while I was down there; things are starting to come together. Master Woods Does it Again- Is Tiger looking to corner the market on Green Jackets? He bagged his third this afternoon. Oh, give John Ellis his money. His six-man team were all in the top 8. Can't beat that with a stick. Mideast Peace Conference? Again?- Now the Israelis are plugging a regional peace conference. Are they doing this for PR cover as they finish the job on the West Bank? Methinks so, but I'll have to look at the details. Funky Characters-This is a good link giving the HTML codes for the nonstandard characters. The pattern is to use "&#" then the code number, then a semicolon. For instance, the inverted exclamation point, ¡, is code 161, 191 is the inverted question mark ¿. That will let you do that Español (241 for the tilda'd n, pronounced ny, so canyon is cañon en Español) thing, since Spanish puts those inverts at the beginning of a question or exclamatory statement. The funky spelling for Bjørn Stærk uses codes 248 and 230 for the slashed o and the skunched ae respectively. We're now dangerously international.

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