Saturday, April 20, 2002

Bedtime Musings-Just got back from a day trip to Rockford, MI (a Grand Rapids exurb) for Eileen's great aunt and uncle's 60th wedding anniversary. Thus, I'm just now checking to see what happened-I'll process the news in real time as I browse. Feeling A Draft -First news out of the gate-Joey Harrington is coming to Detroit. Mike McMahon, who was showing some promise as a starter at the end of last season, might wind up playing the regent, ruling the kingdom while the young king prepares to take charge. I still see that name and think of 70s starlet Joey Heatherton, just like I couldn't think of defensive end Tracy Scroggins without thinking of starlet Tracy Scoggins. I've been busy being engaged and blogging to try and be Mel Kiper III; I haven't been following the candidates for the draft too well. T.J. Duckett should give the Falcons their replacement for Jamal Anderson. My new home team, the Bucs (feels weird putting it that way) got Marquise Walker in the third round, and should do well with him. Carolina may have got a sleeper in DeShawn Foster in the second round. He may be a head case, but falling that far might make it worth the risk. He went from being a Heisman finalist to a second rounder in a hurry. The question will be whether he's Randy Moss or Lawrence Phillips. The Panthers may have the best athlete in the draft with Julius Peppers. A 6-6 rushing monster out of North Carolina, he was quick enough to play on the basketball team at UNC. I'm a bit behind the curve on this guy, but I'm remembering another UNC grad, the Monster of the Meadowlands, Señor LT. NBA Playoffs Day One-The Pacers took Game One from Joisey, 89-83. Quote from Thursday-"If the added talent that the Pacers picked up in the Rose trade meshes, the Nets will have their hands full." Artest-12 points 4 steals, Brad Miller 18 points 12 boards. Sacramento and San Antonio held serve and Orlando is about to break serve on Charlotte as we go to press. Anarchoidiots are fairly peaceful in DC The IMF came to Washington this weekend and wherever they go, the loonie tunes on the left follow. These folks have been laying low since 9/11, as a World Economic Forum shindig in New York got little protestors. Pro-Palestinian protestors added to the numbers, but this doesn't look like Seattle or Genoa.

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