Monday, April 01, 2002

Assimilation Policy-AOL/Papa Blog (congrats on the moola) linked to good Microcontent News piece on blogs and more conventional journalists. The analogy to the Borg isn't quite apt, as there isn't a collective consciousness involved, although blog being a near-anagram of Borg makes the analogy good copy. What the blog does is allow distributed computing, where different writers bring their own insights to bear on the news of the day, putting pieces together. Even distributed computing isn't the best analogy, since the Blogosphere isn't N PCs set up to do a minute task in the same way as all of the others. Each blog brings its own set of knowledge to the party. We have experts/enthusiasts on military issues, space issues, foreign policy, Jewish issues, Irish issues, Catholic issues and Bapticostal issues just to name a few. Hypothesis are made and corrected. "What do you think of this?" someone will ask, and given a few days or a few hours, often a better-hacked solution will arise. Blogs will give the issues of the day a good going over, learning from each other to get at a better solution. As the months go by, this will find a way out to the general public.

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