Sunday, March 31, 2002

Saying What Needs to be Said-Dubya's telling Arafat to call for an end to hostilities-in Arabic. The quip of longstanding among pundits is that Arafat talks peace in English and jihad in Arabic. It's long overdue that the President call him on it. That speach speaks louder than the UN vote Saturday, as Bush is defending Israel's right to defend itself. With yet another boomer went into a eatery in Haifa and ordered 72 raisins to go, taking 12 Israelis with him earlier today, a war on terrorist groups, including Fatah and the PA, is what the Israelis will have to do if they want to survive as a nation. I saw some clips of Bush's talk this morning; seeing him out on the Crawford ranch in a blue denim work shirt diplomaticly telling Yasser the Gasser off came across as Reaganesque, not in the level of eloquence but of it's simplistic Americaness.

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