Sunday, March 31, 2002

Deconstructing a Libertarian Rant-Hey, Dodge, you wanted me to visit more often? I took a second look at your vent at Bryan Preston and social conservatives in general, accusing them of calling libertarians "dope addicts, satanists, (I was accused of this publically.),friends of pedophiles (Despite the fact Christian churches have been covering for these guys for decades.), libertines, heartless bastards, traitors, and anything else they could think up." Nice list, sounds like something Paul of Tarsus would write. However, many of these point out the underlying philosophy of libertarians. Let's break down the labeling- [Update-given the rant that Cal Ulman went on with this post-let me reiterate that these are exagerations that people make, typically in ignorance, assuming that wanting to make something legal means you want to do that act. They also assume the most over-the-top libertarian is representative of the lot, that Harry Browne or Natalija represents the species. Before you flame, remember this paragraph.] Dope Addicts- Not all libertarians are druggies, but legalization of drugs is a common libertarian philosophy. Satanists- A vocal plurality of libertarians are critical of traditional Christian theology/morality and can be seen as working [without knowing it] for Ol' Sloughfoot. Friends of pedophiles- A vocal minority want to repeal statutory rape laws. The slur in parenthesis may be true for Boston Catholics but isn't true for the churches I've been in, who work at screening out potential pedophiles from teaching kids. Libertines- See Satanists above. Promoting the legalization of prostitution doesn't help the reputation, either. Heartless- The pure free-market, anti-government line looks to be harsh and callous to the poor and needy. Libertarians have earned the rep for looking out for #1 to a fault. Traitors- Now that's more of a cheap shot. However, many paleolibertarians want a minimalist foreign policy which would leave US interests overseas vulnerable. If you want to claim the rhetorical high ground on name-calling, avoid calling your whipping-boy of long standing Ashcroft a "paranoid prude."

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