Saturday, March 16, 2002

Bedtime Musings- I was light on the blogging today, life intervened. I had to get new tires on my car and then went with Eileen to get our engagement pictures taken, wading through the throng of babies and their moms, grandmas and aunts at the Sears portrait studio. They strategicly placed the studio next to the baby section, so that moms will see some cute clothes when they bring Junior in. Although I always look fatter in a picture than in the mirror, it was another milestone for coupledom. A second milestone came afterwards, as we wandered through Tar-gey and noted the things we need to put on our wedding registry. "Do you have ...." We wound up getting a dense page full of stuff we'll need for our new place. When you are cooking for one, you don't cook much. We're both looking forward to cooking for two, and have a lot of things on our list that will make real cooking beyond hot dogs and noodles possible. KSU's a Real Riot-I missed the game, but Kent State got to the Sweet Sixteen today for the first time, beating Alabama 71-58. While Michigan State was getting dumped on Friday, I was able to brag on KSU (Ph.D. 1996) at work to the folks having Flintstone DTs. I'll be able to brag even more Monday. While 12-seed Missouri's the longest seed left, taking out 4 and 5 seeds this weekend, KSU took out a 2 seed and messed up a lot of brackets. Only 4% of the ESPN bracketeers picked them to get this far.

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