Monday, February 04, 2002

Where's that Aggie Spirit?- Texas A&M president Ray Bowen canceled the 2002 Thanksgiving bonfire, citing high insurance costs. The 1999 bonfire collapsed during construction, killing 12 students. The bonfire had been a tradition as part of the lead-up to the grudge-match football game with the University of Texas. Mike Yonan (of Yonan's Law fame), my Aggie classmate at Kent State, gave me some detail that they don't tell you on the football broadcast. Part of the tradition was to put a wood outhouse (the UT S___house) on top of the bonfire, with the big cheer coming when the outhouse collapsed into the fire. I would think with all the rich alums that a million or so could be raised to cover the insurance, but the Aggie brass seemed to have wimped out, seeming to counterdict the can-do spirit I associate with Aggies.

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