Wednesday, February 06, 2002

The Wall of Fame is Getting Crowded- I'm adding Banana-Counting Monkey and Airstrip One to my permalink list. Banana Counting Monkey ("Go thou and blog likewise") is a witty Canadian Blog, complete with daily tracking of the Loonie's descent into the Marianas, scratching my Canadaphile streak. Airstrip One ("Foreign policy as if the national interest mattered ") is a graphically sparse but information-dense British international-affairs site, a no-nonsence analog of Rantburg. Anyone who has an ongoing "Zim Watch" to follow Mugabe and gang wins points with me. One of the guys is an Antiwar.com vet, but I haven't seen that streak yet. I've also beefed up my international news link section, covering a good hunk of the Anglosphere, including associate members Israel, India and Japan. It's not complete, but a good start.

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