Sunday, February 17, 2002

Sunday Olympic Musings-Slow day, time for naps and Olympics. Our cable has brought back CBC for at least the Olympics (I hope for more)-they know how to cover the Olympics. I feel like Worf at 10-Foward,"Less Talk-More Sports." CBC does try to do that. Hockey-The USA-Russia game last night (too late for me, taped the third period and watched it before church) was weird, with Federov slapping in a go-ahead goal for the Russians, then Brett Hull getting the tying goal; it was a Red Wing kind of night. Watched the Czech-Sweeden game this evening-thought about Jagr's #68. When he came up in '90, as the Cold War was ending, it was a statement of Czech independence, commemorating the 1968 reformist Dubcek regime that came to power and was crushed by the Soviets. Now, it seems a bit quaint. We need to remind ourselves why it has meaning, even today. I thought it was the marathon that had the motto, "To win, first, you have to finish." Steven Bradbury, the Aussie that won the short-track 1000m gold, had the good luck to be trailing in both the semis and the finals and avoiding big crashes in the final lap. Interesting thought. The US two-man bobsled was 0.03 of a second out of bronze,finishing fourth. If they were a basketball team, they could say they were in the Final Four, but no one remembers the athletes finished out of the money. "If I had one extra little tweak" is what the guys have to be thinking.

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