Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Some Bogus Thoughts on CAFE standards- This Fox piece on proposed (McCain the albino RINO again? Just to the left of Kerry?) increases in fuel economy standards has some flawed logic. Increased CAFE standards won't ban SUVs, they will make auto company sell more fuel efficient vehicles overall. If there's a 35MPG standard, a 25MPG SUV can still be sold if a 45MPG car, or two 40MPG cars, are sold to offset the SUV's deficit. I'm not in favor of increasing the standards, but the auto industry would find creative ways to live within the rules and still sell SUVs. Electric and fuel cell hybrids are starting to come on line and might make the Kerry standards moot. That being said, I'm not worried about global warming and am not worried enough about energy dependence to want to overhaul the auto industry from Washington.

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