Saturday, February 02, 2002

SermonWatch- A lot of interesting things going on this week. Last night's Bible study was a good review of the past year for me. We were out at my other Friday night study, a single's study at Midland Evangelical Free Church. I'd been going to this group weekly until I started going to New Life Vineyard and their 2nd and 4th Friday young adults group; now we go to the E-Free study on the odd Fridays. Due to other things, we'd missed January totally and found them at the end of Ruth. They were covering chapter 4, where Boaz redeems Ruth, allowing the guy who's the closer relative of her late husband to pass on the opportunity. The Sunday School class at the Baptist church I was going to this time last year was covering Ruth; I was drawn to Ruth's godliness, and saw a lot of those same qualities in Eileen when I met her in March. This time, I could put myself in Boaz's place, the older (I'm spotting Eileen 11 years) guy falling for this immigrant from the south (Eileen's not a widow, though). The book is a example of godly courtship on both sides. Wednesday's presentation at church was fun and educational. Don, our host last Friday, did a very goodWalk Through the Bible-inspired graphical presentation of the Old Testament for both grade-schoolers and adults. Most of the items I already knew, but the one that was new to me was on I and II Chronicles; the books covers the stuff in Samuel and Kings, but from a sanitized Judean perspective (David is mentioned, but not Bathsheba). The Sunday sermon was on redemption. An emphasis was placed on allowing the Holy Spirit to break the cycle of dwelling on past sins, like a bad video of the mind that keeps replaying. Without reminding ourselves that the debt of sin has been paid in full (Colossians 2:14 use the metaphor of ripping up the debt note), we can dwell on those past sins. A good line was that "living sacrifices keep crawling off the alter" and that the Cross is needed to keep them pinned down. [ Fun note, was Nathan the first to say "You da man!"? I used that when we covered 2 Samuel 12 on a Wednesday night last year, I felt a bit sacrilegious, but the praise band leader had it out of her mouth a split second after I did when we were on verse 7]

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