Friday, February 15, 2002

Powell-Either hit reverse or hit eject--I'm in "must-control-fist-of-death" mode after seeing reports of Colin Powell's MTV outing, where he plugged for pro-condom education thusly.
It's important that the whole international community come together, speak candidly about it, forget about taboos, forget about conservative ideas with respect to what you shouldn't tell young people about.
This is our head diplomat, dissing the majority of his boss' coalition. He could have made a softer stand, saying something like "It's much better to avoid premarital sex, but if people are going to do so, a condom will help protect against diseases," and that it should be part of a broad sex-ed campaign. That kind of statement would get his point across without waiving a red flag in front of his own coalition. This was undiplomatic speech from a guy who's supposed to be a diplomat. What's next, go to Riyahd and say "The Koran isn't worth the paper it's written on." The combination of what he said and how he said it is actionable, as a diplomat is supposed to represent his boss' position accurately and tactfully. Powell did neither here. Either Powell will have to backpedal like a cornerback or be shown the door by Dubya. This could get ugly.

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