Tuesday, February 05, 2002

One Tub of Huddled Masses to Go, Please--Gregory Hlatky over at A Dog's Life has a good take on European collectivism, riffing on this Eurosniffing MSNBC piece. His closing take was a keeper-

Europe is becoming a bureaucratic autocracy where the individual freedoms American's cherish will be subordinated to the "welfare of society." The bright side for the U.S. is that we'll be the beneficiaries of those intelligent, industrious individuals who will come here to escape Europe's increasingly stultifying atmosphere and constricted liberties.

Well, the ocracies change, but the collectivist spirit continues through the ages, and freedom-loving Europeans will bail out until the Anglosphere manages to infiltrate Europe. Minor bone to pick, Greg. Jerry Jones may deserve the 72 Virginian treatment, but Cowboy fans. like my mom, my future inlaws and Junkyard Blog don't deserve a lifetime of 0-16's.

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