Saturday, February 02, 2002

Next Right is a comer- McCray critiques Jonah's recycled Black History Month trashing for drifting into stereotype. When Jonah goes for the quick caricature, he often loses a lot of nuance. McCray's dead on, Jonah's like the girl with the curls; when he's good, he's very good, when he's bad, he's horrid. It's easy to give both barrels to the more-loony Afrocentrists and ignore the issue of an honestly-inclusive history. McCray points out that instead of having a month, we should fairly include blacks as part of history. If we stick with the standard, more geopolitical history of presidents, generals and captains of industry, blacks get little coverage until recently. Adding more cultural history, looking at the broader picture of "what was life like back then," will bring minorities and women more into the picture. The trick is to add this cultural history without it becoming a dumping ground of past repressions by white guys. The warts of bigotry don't need to be airbrushed or zoomed in on, but should be part of a greater portrait of where we've been.

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