Friday, February 22, 2002

Interesting WashTimes piece on Franklin Graham. In the last year or so, he has seem to come into his own as opposed to being just Billy's kid. Two bones to pick- the "Family Business" is a lousy title, especially when Billy ran the thing in an unexploitive manner. Many lesser evangelists have more extravagant lifestyles. The second is at Franklin's dislike of "crusade" to describe his dad's evangelistic efforts, preferring "festival." Festival would have worked on that Saturday night at the old Dawgpound in Cleveland in the mid 90's where DC Talk and Michael W. Smith opened for him; otherwise, the classic crusade term would ring truer. I don't think Franklin will take over as Mr. Evangelical when his dad dies. Luis Palau would be a equally likely heir to the Graham mantle, having many Grahamesque crusades in Latin America and becoming a player in the US evangelical scene as the millenium turned. There may be some rednecks who won't be accepting of an Argentinean guy as a preacher, but I heard him preach in Akron a decade ago, before he had a wide-spread US radio ministry, and saw a similar godly humility coupled with a forceful presence that Billy Graham has.

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