Saturday, February 09, 2002

Hempalumps And Woozles-The DEA is cracking down on hemp-based food products, including snack foods made with hemp-seed oil. Industrial hemp is of the same botanical family as marijuana, but has only a trace amount of THC, the buzz-inducing active compound in pot. The DEA is trying to use the trace amounts of THC to ban any hemp-based food products, a reach that is making it look a bit silly. Growing industrial hemp is currently banned in the US, so as to allow the DEA to spot cannibis and not have to run a chemical test to see if its industrial or Cheech-and-Chong-bait. While some of the industrial hemp fans are fans of ganja as well, there is a good case for allowing the use of industrial hemp as a sourse of high-quality cloth products. However, the pieces I've seen and heard are from pot-freindly liberal (NPR) or libertarian (Reason) viewpoints. I'd like to hear a clean take on the DEA's side of the story before launching into legalizing growning industrial hemp.

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