Wednesday, February 20, 2002

From Goo to You By Way of the Zoo-Kevin Holtsberry has a rejoinder to Louder Fenn's pro-creationism riffs. In the first part, Fenn points out that evolutionists "reject creation by God do so because they have philosophically rejected creation by God" (his italics). The evolutionist, in his view, rejects the supernatural and thus has nothing left to accept but the natural. In part two, Fenn's in "Who's side are you on" mode,
I'll say it starkly: No one who truly believes in God can be an Evolutionist; no one who truly disbelieves in God can be anything but an Evolutionist ...I'll say it starkly, another way: Supernaturalism and Evolutionism are immiscible because they are competing faiths.
That got Kevin's dander up. He points out the solid evidence for microevolution, the small changes that happen to species over time. Kevin tries to defend the theistic evolution crowd, not wanting to question their faith by their unwillingness to take a literal view of Genesis. Before dropping blogfire on Fenn, I'll give him a chance to better define Evolutionism. If by that, he means that the universe created itself by dumb luck and life developed by dumb luck, then I agree with those statements. I think someone could sign off on ID or theistic evolution, trying to make Genesis fit what gets taught in Biology class, while still being a believer. However, the hard-core non-supernatural evolutionist would be a practical atheist. Microevolution can fit into a young-Earth post-creation framework. Macroevolution, going "from Goo to You by way of the Zoo", as Frank Peretti put it, changing species along the way, is still an unproven point in my mind.

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