Friday, February 08, 2002

European Collectivism on Parade-Interesting interview in US News with WEF president Klaus Schwab (read the dead tree version over breakfast). Schwab had a telling response in regard to the euro.

I don't think the world is ready to accept a formalized system requiring a long discussion about what sovereignty you give up. But I wonder whether the global interest should take priority in some cases --such as environmental issues--over the national interest. A good example on the European level was the euro. Most countries would not have considered the euro in their national interest. But decision makers submitted national interest to the European interest.
Note that "decision makers" made the call to give up soverenty. The European public wasn't directly consulted and where they were, as in Demark, the euro was rejected. American expect a more responsive, less top-down government. The three-pronged (House,Senate,President) path to a law gives three roadblocks to get over, rather than just one in most European parlimentary democracies. Idiotarian policies still get through the US process, but a less-elitist, more consensual approach makes it harder to pass what the elites want in the US.

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