Friday, February 01, 2002

End of an Era at the Jake-Long-time Indians center-fielder Kenny Lofton signed with the White Sox, and Holtsberry is in mourning. I'm an Indians fan from my Kent State days. Since the Tigers have stunk the last decade, I stayed an Indians fan even after returning to Michigan. This is a case of letting a player go at the right time. A week ago, Terry Pluto was signaling Lofton's departure by putting Matt Lawton in the leadoff spot, pointing out his better on-base percentage. The cadre of players that broke the Curse of Rocky Colavito is dwindling-only Jim Thome and Charles Nagy are left of the young core of the early 90s. I remember feeling a similar angst when the Cavs traded Mark Price, a good Christian guy. However, the inner GM said that Price was getting old and injury prone and the trade allowed Brandon to shine, getting Price out of the way a year too soon rather than a year too late. Kevin, let your inner GM tell your heart it's best for the Tribe in the long run. The White Sox got Lofton for only (yes, only) $1.25M, so he's not exactly a hot property. At least we got a good team to root for.

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