Monday, February 18, 2002

Dubya's Selling Marriage-Any Takers- HHS is looking at a program to give marriage-skills training for low-income couples. As well as the usual feminazi suspects, Cato's David Boaz was critical the initiative, saying,” Marriage has lasted for thousands of years without a federal program to encourage it." Well, there is a set of federal program that discourages it; its called welfare. I'm a bit skeptical as to the effectiveness of this proposal, but it tries, albeit a bit meekly, to counter a lot of the prevailing winds towards single moms. On the pre-conception end, we have a liberal environment that, when it doesn't fan the flames of lust, fails to keep those desires in check by encouraging waiting for marriage. Once conceived, the liberals will encourage abortion as an alternative to motherhood, giving an additional boost towards extra-marital sexual activity. If the woman goes through with the pregnancy, there is a welfare system that will give her much more help if she isn't married. The federal deck is stacked against marriage these days, and moves to support it are welcomed if they are effective. I find it ironic that the libertarian critique is presented by a guy named Boaz. In the book of Ruth, it is Boaz who marries that immigrant widow, fulfilling the kinsman-redeemer mandate to look after the widows of your clan. If there is anyone in the Bible who represents the spirit of marriage as a social good, it's Boaz.

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