Saturday, February 23, 2002

"Don't ya love the smell of fresh meat on the barbie?"- Looks like Australian Gov. Gen. Hollingworth's roasting slowly on a spit over some ill-chosen comments on a teenage victim of priestly sexual abuse, coupled with a further investigation (reminding me of the Catholic pedophile flap in Boston) of Hollingworth's handling of child abuse cases while Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane. Things have gotten worse since I looked in Thursday. He's been asked to cancel appearances, has been forced off honorary boards positions on two children's charities and is being criticized by the Prime Minister. I'll post the morning line (well, it's late tonight in Oz) that he'll be gone by Wednesday. This kind of heat in past scandals has the roastee looking stoic and trying to go about his daily business for a few days, then even his allies tell him that it's time to go. A few days later, the roastee gives a speech, wiping tears away, saying how it was a honor to serve but that, under present circumstances, it is time for him to step aside for the good of my boss and the people. That speech should come sometime next week.

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