Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Dome Fans Can't See the Air Force Flyover- Bring a U2 Inside-In the cloying display of patriotism (I am happily American, but when commercial endeavors try to be patriotic, it usually comes across off-key) that went on at the Super Bowl, the crescendo came at halftime, with that great American rock band, U2. While they did a good job, it was a bit weird to see an Irish band (from the Republic, not Southie) being the cornerstone of this commemoration of 9/11, with the Stars and Stripes liner on Bono's jacket and the transparent Vietnam Memorial/Star Wars listing of the 9/11 dead behind/over the stage. Was this an example of the Anglosphere at work? A group of left-leaning Irishmen coming together in a joint statement of solidarity with their American bretheren. Bono has more in common with Bush pere (who helped with the coin flip) than Osama than he'd like to admit; this kind of thought makes smart leftists rethink their world-view. For the forced corniness of the show, it went over well, making me ready to forgive Bono for the "F--- the System" line at the Grammy Awards years ago.

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