Saturday, February 09, 2002

Do You Like the Golden Flashes?- Slaaap!! Went to look at the college basketball stuff, checking on my alma maters Michigan State and Kent State. KSU has a better Sagarin rating (39) than MSU (54), giving 17-5 KSU hope of an NCAA bid even if they get knocked off in the MAC tournament, as Sagarin's a good sub for the RPI that the NCAA uses. Usually, the top 45 or so get at-large bids, as the last at-large is usually a 12 seed. MSU needs to make a run in the Big 10 tournament or be NIT-bait. This after three straight Final Four trips. Give Gonzaga their props- After three straight Sweet Sixteens, they're getting respect in the polls( #10 ). Good to see a "mid-major" do well.

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