Sunday, February 03, 2002

Covering the Anglosphere III- L'affair Woomera - The Australian government didn't quite know what to do with Afghan refugees. Current policy have refugees placed into detention centers until asylum is granted; Some refugees were pawned off on Papua New Guinea and Nauru, while other Afghans are stashed at a remote base in Woomera. Some of the detainees have staged a hunger strike. Keeping them locked up is peeving a lot of the left in Australia, but the opposition Labor party is divided on the, holding its fire as a group for now. The left also wants to point out that Australia actively discouraged Asian immigrants with a "White Australia" policy until the 70's. The ruling Liberal (center-right) party also may want to keep a hard line of refugees to keep losing ground to a Buchananesque One Australia Party. The government is currently erring on the side of law-and-order and getting some flak for it.

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