Sunday, February 03, 2002

Covering the Anglosphere I-Irish Abortion Referendum-The ruling Fianna Fáil party appears ready to set up a March 6th referendum on a proposed constitutional amendment banning abortions, overturning a court precedent allowing a suicidal woman to have an abortion. Tánaiste ( "heir", deputy prime minister) Mary Haney (any relation, James? [No, Her name is Harney,I typoed/brainoed-James politely corrects]), the leader of the libertarian-leaning Progressive Democrats, has gone along with the proposal, endorsing it personally but not asking her party to vote for it. The main left-of-center parties, including Fine Gael, are opposing the measure. The measure has a modest 39-34 poll edge at present. The speculation was that the PDs went reluctantly along with the referendum in trade for scaling back the Campus/Stadium Ireland project that ran into cost overruns.

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