Wednesday, February 20, 2002

The Check-Out Lane Mr. Austin over at the Sine Qua Non Pundit discects a Richard Cohen article from toe to tonsil like he's been at this for awhile. Yes, be fair, Charles, but sometimes you just have to let both rant barrels go. He's got a permalink coming. Over at Beauty of Gray, Mr. Turnbull goes after Islamo-Jacobians, comparing the French Revolution's fanatical secularism to the Taliban, with some interesting parallels. Jackson Murphy has a crush on Condi Rice, echoing Rich Lowry at The Corner. I remember Jessie Jackson going on SNL and bringing down the house in a skit, admitting a "love jones for Jean Kirkpatrick." For those of you too young to remember Kirkpatrick, she was Janet Reno homely but knew her foreign policy cold. It takes some getting used to having attractive women in positions of power these days. Kevin does a good take taking down critics of the Cleveland voucher program. He also introduces us to the Hokiepundit (Hokie as in Virginia Tech, not content), a fellow theological conservative traveler. HokiePundit has a interesting post on justification and forgiveness. I added a comment to it. Check out this Der Spiegal picture that Instapundit links to (he had it up a moment ago on his site). For those Condi fans, the Warrior Princess garb will be a keeper. Conan the SecDef's (Babe Magnet, dude) not bad, either .

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