Wednesday, February 20, 2002

The Check-out Lane-Evening Edition (lot of time to read at work today in 1 minute snips, not much time to write) Foxblog-Moira Breen gets the day three honors, holding her own. To her credit, she refrained from mentioning the piece on Inappropriate Response until this evening. If it were me, I'd been pointing it out moments after it hit the ether. New blog-Louder Fenn-Catholic Sci-Fi blogger. So many good blogs, I had to redo my Blogs folder at work (creating a Libertarian Backlot folder); my blog directory wouldn't fit on the screen anymore. Junkyard Blog's essay on Pentagon propaganda. Bryan’s take-DON'T. We need, when secrets aren't being kept, honesty from the military. Good USS Clueless piece on dying languages and network theory. Amy Welborn found this Police log from the Arcata Eye of northern California. It's a police report, but a mutant child of Joe Friday and Rantburg. Read a few and have fun.

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