Tuesday, February 19, 2002

The Check Out Lane Cable modem is on the fritz at home-posting might be daytime only until I find the evening time to go to war with tech support. Saw this news in the Detroit Free Press yesterday-The name Eatons will soon be no more . Sears, who bought the Canadian department store chain, is converting the remaining stores to Sears. As much as Canadians can be weenies about protecting their culture from encroaching Americanism, this is one that has to bring a legitimate tear. Even though Eatons wasn't that much different from your standard American high-mid brow department store, it was one of those distinctive Canadian things. An Eatons bag meant you had visited the Great White North. While we're mentally up north, a freind of Damian's had a great line : "Canada's hockey program has gone further south than a politician seeking quick medical treatment." Interesting, albeit a bit pessimistic, Airstrip One piece on Iraqnaphobia. Thesis-we get rid of Saddam, then what? USS Clueless goes into the word "Terrorist", noting that terrorism is a tactic. Den Beste points out that we're at war with a militant ideology, not a technique. The Boston Tea Party was terrorism, but was done by the "good guys."

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