Friday, January 18, 2002

With friends like these .....- The Saudi's are talking about kicking the US military out of the country. Sen. Carl "Apollo" Levin stumbled into a good line: "The Saudis actually think somehow they are doing us a favor by having us be there helping to defend them." Quite a few pundits, to me most notably Rich Lowery from NRO, have called for giving the Saud line the heave-ho and let the Jordanians run the place, since the Hashemite dynasty traditionally had custody of Mecca and Medina. The Wahhabi wing of Sunni Islam is the intelectual swamp that a lot of the al Qaeda people came out of. The Saudi's sponsor Wahhabi schools around the world. While I'm leery of the precedent of going to war with a denomination, the perfectionistic Wahhabi brand of Islam, coupled with an inferiority complex towards the West (the infidels are better off then we are, we'll teach them) is a very potent and combustible brew. If they continue to preach a no-holds-barred war against the non-believer and the less-devout Muslim, we're going to have to concider them, and the people who finance them, persona non grata. The church, giving strength, comfort and vision to a people who needed it, was the cornerstone of the Civil Rights Movement. If Jesus was preaching jihad against the Romans rather than "turn-the-other-cheek" and "give to Caesar what is Caesar's", we'd have more Black Panthers and less peaceful civil disobediance, the radicals thinking they were doing God a favor by killing whites. With Wahhabism, you have just that mix of devotion and call to jihad. If we can tweak that into focusing the spiritual energy into improving ourselves first, for the "greater jihad" of battling sin, it could be domesticated. Otherwise, we'll have to fight it.

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