Sunday, January 13, 2002

Who Remembers NRO's GIGO? It was a fun editorial site, with a number of protobloggers ( I was just a lurker) having an ongoing debate over the issues of the day. NRO took it down about three years ago. It was a must read for me back in '98-'99. It'd be fun to see if any of the vets of GIGO are blogging- the Mighty Faalvag (sp?) and many others would be primo bloggers. Another dearly departed is Intellectual Capital. Pete DuPont's site was the best public policy site I've seen, with thoughtful commentary across the political spectrum, with a right-of-center leaning. It got merged in with another public policy site and seemed to die shortly thereafter. Jonah has a good column on blogging. I think a lot of bloggers were influenced by his early columns, both in their quick-take style and shoot-from-the-lip demeanor. He'd have more than one entry in the index of my book on online commentary. Off to church, got some goodies for you later in the day.

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