Friday, January 18, 2002

We do Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs- Palestinian terrorists shot up a bat mitzvah (girl's counterpart to bar mitzvah for Reformed Jews) killing either 6 (per above link) or 7 (NPR a few minutes ago) people. This after five people were killed at a wedding by the wascally wadicals yesterday (thank Mr. Perry for second link). What peace process!?! Interesting note- the terrorists tend to attack Westernized places, like pizza parlors and discos. Tom Friedman made this point back in September. Orthodox Jews won't either pork or things with both meat and cheese in it, so they're not likely at the pizza joint (or the disco). The bat mitzvah (daughter of the covenant) is a Reformed (most theologically liberal of the three American Jewish traditions) invention to give pubescent girls an initiation into the fellowship like the boy's bar mitzvah (son of the covenant). Orthodox Jews ain't there either, people with American roots (Reform is a nearly uniquely American thing) would be.

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