Saturday, January 26, 2002

Very good first counseling session yesterday, although the Kleenex box normally doesn't get used more by the prospective groom. Pastor Milton had the line that a spouse should make one say "they make me feel better about me." That brought me to tears; part of the confidence to be posting blogs comes from Eileen's love. Excellent young adult (yes, I'm fudging the age boundry, but I fit the demographic) Bible study Eileen and I went to last night. I was a little worried when one of our new guys, Don, was hosting. A divorced dad, he had custody of his two kids for the weekend, so this was a way for him to be with us. Rather than throwing in a praise CD to start worship, we had Don on guitar and Joel (our church praise band drummer) on bongos leading a great session for the dozen of us at Don's apartment. The kids were well behaved, other than the time that they sent a remote-control toy monster truck into the festivities. A great give-and-take study on forgiveness followed. The counseling session and the Bible study more than made up for the cranky computer yesterday; the computer and I are back to being simpatico today. I'm blogging from work while Excel bashes on a big text file I downloaded from our Medicaid database.

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