Saturday, January 26, 2002

Unexpected Memories-stumbled into a obit of a guy named Peter Gzowski, who hosted a CBC radio show called Morningside, a smart, charming talk show that I'd listen to back in 1990, working at Cedar Campus in Michigan's U.P. The nearest large town was Sault Sainte Marie ("the Soo"), Ontario, about 40 miles to the north, so we got CBC radio as well as a variety of US stations from Soo Michigan, Alpena and Traverse City. Running the general store at the conference center, I'd do the "town trip" every morning ,driving into Cedarville to pick up mail, fill requests from campers and staff from stores in town and other gofering. Morningside was typically on the radio. Relapsed Catholic made the remark, "I'm too young to have ever really dug the guy, but if you're Canadian, this counts as religion." I spent a little time with him, and undestand their loss.

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