Thursday, January 31, 2002

Ultimate Left-handed Complement-"It's Better than a Packard Bell"- The EU approved the Compaq-Hewlet Packard merger. The anti-competitive effect on the merger aren't that big. HP's retail computer line is rather lame, while their workstation and server line is solid and their printer and scanner lines are top-of-the line. Getting out of the retail computer area and letting Compaq, which makes better (but still closed architecture) retail computers handle that end of the market would make since. When I ran a computer store, we weren't impressed with HP or Compaq computers, as they were designed to be replaced rather than upgraded. They were better manufactured than Packard Bell (techs got combat pay for them) or Acer, but that ranks up with "runs well for a catcher." Dell and Gateway have more open architecture, allowing for changes in video card, sound card and motherboard without replacing the whole machine. I think HP got a lemon of a partner in Compaq. Side point, naming changeover in Houston- will they have the HP Center for the Rockets and Creditors Committee Field for the Astros?

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