Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Tuskegee Airheads- Postal workers in DC where the anthrax letter went through are being offered vaccines after the fact, a novel and experimental treatment. In describing the anxieties of many postal workers, DC health department director Dr. Ivan Walks noted that "the 1930s 'Tuskegee experiment' - in which government doctors allowed black Alabama men to go untreated for syphilis so they could study the disease - is still fresh for many blacks." When I heard a comparable line stated on NPR this afternoon, I was in Defcon 1 mode. The audio is embargoed until 10PM, you can go back then and check if it's the same guy. How does a hopefully positive treatment for anthrax get compared to this. This is like a Jewish postal worker making allusions to Mengele. True, the Senate people got better treatment, but Dr. Walks just went over the line, taking race-bating to a new level.

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