Saturday, January 26, 2002

Three points for a takedown-Gregory Hlatky over at A Dog's Life has this piledriver on Krugman.

Krugman seems like a most unpleasant columnist, sort of the Anthony Lewis of the Dismal Science. His journalistic sins, if any, are venal, not mortal. Sure he accepted 50,000 smackeroos for some do-nothing, window-dressing position with Enron ("Look Kenny-Boy, we got us a gen-u-ine Princeton egghead. Shore looks good hangin' over the fireplace, don't it?") but any connection ceased when he joined the Old Gray Lady. His position isn't a lot different than Bush's: both took Enron's money, then kicked Enron in the teeth when it went down the drain.

Anthony Lewis? That's cold, even for Cincinnati in January, ranking up with MCJ's Steve "Antichrist" Spurrier. I'll accept it if someone calls me the Instapundit of the Dismal Science. [Update-While at that link, scroll down to the Enronism section. It's even better.]

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